Head's News 12/05/2017

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Great Year 3 Bake off

Monday afternoon saw great excitement outside TOGS for the Great Year 3 Bake Sale. This was the culmination of Year 3’s Enterprise Week and the question was whether the pupils would be able to turn a profit from their baking skills. I am very glad to report that they achieved their aim and that after returning £250 to their ‘bank’…..they managed to raise a hugely impressive profit of £451.95 which for they are donating to Doorstep charity.  Congratulations to all of our Year 3 entrepreneurs and, of course, to their families for all their help with the baking process. On the day we were supported again by parents and FOA; your participation is an integral part of the school / home rapport that underpins a successful education and we value this so much – thank you!

National Inter-Schools Maths Quiz

Our team of four Year 6 pupils headed off with trepidation to The Hall school this week with Mrs Correia for the North London heat of the National Inter-Schools Maths Quiz. All of the top local schools were represented, some with more than one team. The boys felt nervous. Mrs Correia calmed them down and encouraged them to do their best. As the competition commenced, our team of Anuar, Max, Lucas and Thanos began to feel more confident as they were able to answer the first bank of questions correctly. Pressure increased as the questions got harder and there were constant changes on the leader board. The balance shifted and it was Mrs Correia’s turn to get nervous as the competition reached the final stages. The team showed steel and correctly answered the final questions to hit the top position and stay there throughout the final round. And so it was that Abercorn were crowned regional heat winners and will move off to the next phase of this national competition.

We have emailed Mrs Small, who was thrilled to hear the news while Mrs Greystoke, a mathematics specialist, gave me a very big smile on hearing of this local victory!


2E gave a very confident assembly on the benefits of walking to school and not being like “Lazy Lawrence” (very skilfully enacted by one of the class!). The benefits to the environment, to our health and the social opportunities were easy to appreciate after this excellent and polished assembly. Well done Miss Edgar and 2E – another super assembly.

4C covered the same theme at PP with much aplomb as they encouraged families to park the car a little further from school and to walk the final distance. So, next week is ‘Walk to School Week’ please give it a go!


There has been some late night prop-making this week and the sounds of singing have been wafting through 38 Portland Place. The final refining process is always a push to the performance. Much looking forward to the shows next week.

Eton Fives Association Dinner

Tonight we are excited to be welcoming ‘the good and the great’ from the world of Eton Fives to TOGS. For the second year running Abercorn is hosting the annual awards dinner which is the highlight of the Eton Fives Association’s year. Older pupils have enjoyed a number of sessions at the Westway courts and it is a pleasure to be associated with this superb game.

Wishing all Abercorn families a wonderful weekend. As the football season edges to a finish, I wonder if the new Premiership champions will be announced tonight…. I, for one hope so!)

Benedict Dunhill

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