Head's News 10/03/2017

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It has been another scarily rapid week with plenty of highlights.

Maths Challenge

Our Year 8 pupils took part in an exciting maths challenge at City of London Boys’ School on Monday in an U14 age groups event. Our boys being among the youngest competitors acquitted themselves admirably being placed 19th out of 30. This is no mean feat when other contestants are a year more advanced. Mrs Small was very pleased with the enthusiasm of our teams and a very enjoyable time was had by all.

Queen’s Prep School Hockey

A mixed team of Year 4 & 5 girls took part in an exciting hockey tournament held at Paddington Recreation Ground. Winning their early encounters, our girls found themselves in the final v Northbridge ‘A’ team. In an even game, we were unlucky to concede in the final minute of the match, thus missing out on the thrill of a penalty shoot-out!  A pity indeed but the team had worked really hard and had enjoyed numerous victories on the day. Mr Louis-Marie was delighted with their gutsy work and their energy throughout the tournament.

Year 4 production

Tuesday afternoon brought an endearing treat in the form of Year 4’s production of ‘Zoom’. The woodland characters each had their traits in this colourful and comically-scripted version of the tale of the tortoise and the hare.

Working in education, I think often of this tale for it is so true and relevant. I often remind pupils of the simple truth it reveals: “You keep going” I say, “and don’t worry about anyone else!”, “We all work at our own pace and we all get there in the end”. I have observed over the years in education that the steady approach pays dividends. Education, after all is not a race but a journey and I have always enjoyed this story as an allegory of our own educational journey.

The Year 4 pupils gave charming and characterful performances with some uplifting singing and dancing. Thank you to Mr Robinson on the technical side, to Mrs Wrottesley for the choreography, our teaching assistants for props and set designs and to Mr Chan as director. The result was a warm-hearted and very funny show which was truly enjoyed by the packed house.

Congratulations and thank you to all the cast and crew.

TOGS Book Fair

If the excitement in TOGS hall was anything to go by this week we have some very devoted bookworms at Abercorn. Of course, World Book Day should not be a day on its own, but a celebration of 364 days of reading! Thank you to everyone who supported the book fair and especially the FOA team who gave their time to help sell books and in this way, help raise funds for further literary acquisitions for the school.


In the lead up to STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) week Portland Place and TOGS assemblies included an inter-house science quiz. Time sensitive responses to questions could give houses the edge. The lead position changed with each question depending on the correct answer and the speed of response. At PP it was Thackery who carried the day in a very, tight finish. Sophie (Yr 5) Catherine (Yr 5) and Adriana (Yr 6) read out some very well-crafted match reports from the netball and hockey tournaments and it was my pleasure to hand out certificates and medals from these events.

With every wish for a peaceful weekend.

Benedict Dunhill

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