Head's News 13/10/2017

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Child Safety Police Talk at Portland Place

On Monday, two police officers from Paddington Green came to give an online safety talk to pupils in Year 4 and Year 5. Staff were surprised at how many pupils are very widely exposed to social media sites at this stage. This is certainly an area for parents to monitor carefully at home - I urge all parents to discuss these issues with their children. The police will be back next week to give a further talk to pupils in Yr 6 – Yr 8.

Geography Field Trip

Year 8 pupils spent the day on Tuesday at the Field Study Centre at Amersham on the river Chess. They undertook a river study whose focus was a comparative study of width, volume, velocity, bedload size and shape, among other features, at the source and at a confluence of the river further downstream. Wading in the water they used a variety of technical instruments to record their findings. This is all part of their CE project work.

At the end of the day they found time for a game of ‘tag’ in the water and were soon joined by a large dog for extra ‘splashability’! They also took part in a stone skimming competition – I am glad that this old favourite is ever popular.

Even More Forest School

On Wednesday I had a catch up with Mr Harris as RR prepared for their forest school trip. He confirmed that the peacocks had indeed been located during the previous visit, high up on walls and in the trees. He did say that the usually handsome male birds looked a bit dishevelled with tails that appeared rather moth-eaten!


At Portland Place and at TOGS, Assemblies took the theme of ‘Heroes’.  There were some excellent accounts at PP with some children explaining, in moving terms, why it was their parents who were their heroes. Music and Art combined for the start of assembly to give pupils a moment of quiet and reflection. This worked very well and it was a much softer start to assembly. The pupils seemed very engaged with the Beethoven symphonic music playing with and Kandinsky art projections.

At TOGS, 2M dressed as their heroes to give an assembly about what it means to be a hero. The key quality seems to be that heroes are on the look out to help others at all times and are prepared to offer their assistance straight away. Help comes in all sizes and the children showed us that often the little moments of help in life can have a great effect.

With all good wishes for a peaceful weekend,

Benedict Dunhill

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