School Rules

Our School Rules set out the way in which all members of our school community live and work together so everyone feels safe, happy and secure.


Normally, pupils may not enter the school before 8.00 a.m. or remain after school without permission. Pupils may not leave the school premises during school hours, without permission from the High Mistress/Headmaster.


There are three terms, with a week’s half term holiday in each and longer breaks in between. Parents are asked not to arrange holidays outside the school holidays.


Pupils are expected to attend regularly. They are not allowed, without permission from the High Mistress/Headmaster, to leave early or to be absent for any cause other than illness or emergency. In the case of absence parents should telephone the School Office to give the cause of absence and its probable length. Should absence last longer than three days a letter must be sent to the Head of Early Years/Headmaster When leave of absence is desired for some special reason a letter must be sent to the Head of Early Years/Headmaster, at least three days in advance.

Notification of Infectious Illness

Any pupil who has been recently suffering from or in quarantine for any infectious or contagious illness will be allowed to attend school until permission has been given by the pupil’s doctor and the School’s doctor. If a pupil contracts or becomes exposed to any such illness during the holidays and is declared by a doctor as clear of the quarantine period and fit to return to school, he/she should bring a note at the beginning of term, so that the medical records can be kept up to date.

School Uniform

Uniform is compulsory. The school suppliers are Uniform 4 Kids, 1103/1105 Finchley Road, London NW11 0BQ. Telephone No: 020 8209 0999. There are frequent second-hand uniform sales run by the Friends of Abercorn. We ask parents to cooperate to ensure that our uniform requirements, which are kept as simple as possible, are complied with. Jewellery, apart from a watch, is not allowed.

Care of Property

Everything brought to school, including clothing, watches, pens and purses, must be marked with the owner’s name. No articles of value should be left in the cloakrooms or classrooms. No responsibility can be accepted for pupils’ effects lost or damaged on the school premises.


Written permission from a parent must be given before any pupil is allowed to ride to school. Cycles should have a locking chain. No responsibility is accepted for the safety of bicycles.

Collection Arrangements

Written permission from a parent must be given before any pupil can go home with anyone other than his/her parent. Written permission from a parent must also be given if a pupil is to walk home alone.


Messages will only be taken for pupils in cases of emergency. Pupils should not bring mobile telephones to school. If they must do so, these should be left in the School Office during school hours.

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